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About Us

Milteks is a textile brand that provides fabric printing and digital printing services.

With more than 20 years of experience, Milteks is a group of professionals who have come together under the same roof and work with a visionary and aesthetic perspective, monitoring the pulse of the textile sector, loving to produce and aiming for success…

For many years, Milteks has gained know-how in yarn, knitting, dyeing, printing, cutting, sewing, and ironing in the ready-to-wear sector, making new analyses in every period, and offering advantageous opportunities to its business partners with strong and confident steps as a brand.

Milteks produces fast and quality products using different types of fabrics and printing techniques according to the needs of its business partners. With its wide portfolio, it has directed the sector by meeting the fabric needs of more than 60 famous clothing brands to date.

Following the principle of excellence at every step, Milteks continues to make impressive knitted fabrics and printing works with elegant touches that follow quality at every step.

Milteks Baskı, with its long-standing industry experience, produces great products, makes innovative moves with technological devices, and carries out its work with the famous clothing brands and other stakeholders with whom it works in cooperation, elbow to elbow, without compromising its principles, ethical line, and disciplined working system.

Milteks Baskı is a dynamic company operating in the textile sector, which is reliable, foresighted, loyal to the corporate culture it has created within itself, constantly aiming for development and progress.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We closely follow the sectoral trends in the world and adapt all current trends to our operational processes.

While doing all these, we do not forget our environment. We use environmentally friendly materials in the production process, strive to produce recyclable products, and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

As a brand that embodies the concepts of reputation, care, experience, quality, and harmony, works with all its might for the textile sector and our country, and has strong references, we continue to maintain a working system that you can choose with peace of mind.

With our works and productions that exceed the standards, we aim to grow every day towards bigger targets with more than 50 employees working in different units. At the same time, we continue our work with even greater enthusiasm every day to benefit the community it feeds, while preserving national values.

Brand Mission: Adding a Different Dimension to Every Area We Touch

Milteks Baskı, which adds a different dimension to yarn and fabric, reinterprets colors and shapes on fabrics with an artistic perspective. Success is inevitable thanks to our mastery of the work we do.

Brand Vision: Not Only in Turkey but All Over the World

Rather than following the developments in the world textile sector from afar, Milteks Baskı aims to be one of the leading brands in the sector, not only in Turkey but also all over the world, by taking innovative steps and making a difference in the textile industry.

R&D and Design

Milteks Printing is the product of our R&D studies for the development of knowledge and methods that guide new trends


With our project-oriented work, we owe our sustainable quality to our ecological thinking and being friendly with the environment.

Superior Quality

In line with the wishes of our customers, we create high-level well-designed products and provide superior quality service.

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