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The biggest ambition is to accomplish powerful things…

We established Milteks in 2015, after making analyzes and making observations about the needs of the sector, by working in the yarn, knitting, dyeing, printing, cutting, sewing and ironing package departments of the sector for 12 years since we started textile in 2003.


Milteks is a textile brand that provides fabric printing and digital printing services.

With more than 20 years of experience, Milteks is a group of professionals who have come together under the same roof and work with a visionary and aesthetic perspective, monitoring the pulse of the textile sector, loving to produce and aiming for success…

For many years, Milteks has gained know-how in yarn, knitting, dyeing, printing, cutting, sewing, and ironing in the ready-to-wear sector, making new analyses in every period, and offering advantageous opportunities to its business partners with strong and confident steps as a brand.

Milteks produces fast and quality products using different types of fabrics and printing techniques according to the needs of its business partners. With its wide portfolio, it has directed the sector by meeting the fabric needs of more than 60 famous clothing brands to date.

R&D and Design

Milteks Printing is the product of our R&D studies for the development of knowledge and methods that guide new trends


With our project-oriented work, we owe our sustainable quality to our ecological thinking and being friendly with the environment.

Superior Quality

In line with the wishes of our customers, we create high-level well-designed products and provide superior quality service.

Printing Techniques

Glitter Printing

You can contact us for detailed information about Glitter Printing Technique.


You can contact us for detailed information about Lamination Technique.

Pul Lighter

You can contact us for detailed information about Pul Lighter Technique.

Embos Printing

You can contact us for detailed information about Embos Printing Technique.

Varak Printing

You can contact us for detailed information about Varak Printing Technique.

Flok Printing

You can contact us for detailed information about Flok Printing Technique.



Sustainability is a balance between nature and human beings. Our lives depend on natural resources and these resources are not infinite. For this reason, we work to minimize our impact on the environment and invest in innovative tools to protect precious resources. We focus on climate change and energy, in addition to water and chemical management.

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